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Super Mario Bros Pipe Mug Warps Caffeine into Your Plumbing

 |  |  |  |  February 1, 2019

I have a love-hate relationship with Super Mario Bros. I really like the game, and played it a lot back in the day on my NES. I also died a lot and remain utterly convinced to this day that the game cheated. If you’re a Mario fan, and need a way to get caffeine into your body at warp speed, this is the coffee mug for you.

This Super Mario Bros. pipe mug looks like the green plumbing you would jump into when playing the game to find those secret levels with lots of bonus coins.

I guess if you want to replicate the game experience as much as possible, you could put coins in the bottom of the mug to find after you drink all your coffee, but then again you might choke on those, or poison yourself from the metals. The mug is ceramic and hand wash only, and will set you back $14.99 at ThinkGeek.