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Woodworker Builds Automatic Dog Petting Machine


Written by Conner Flynn | February 13, 2019

Petting dogs is tough work. And when you pet them, they just want more and more. This can be tough on our wimpy 21st-century arms that are only used to holding smartphones. What can we do? Well, the answer as always is technology. Dogs demand the pets 24/7 and that’s like a damn workout. That’s why we need an automatic dog-petting machine like this one built by Michigan woodworker Matt Thompson.

Hey, we have our massage chairs so why shouldn’t our pets have some fun too? To make this contraption fun to watch, he gave it a Rube Goldberg style flare. Bonnie clearly likes getting pet by this machine, but Clyde is just too short, so he needs to be lifted up to enjoy it. Thanks Clyde. Your master built this so he wouldn’t have to do any work and he still has to lift you up.

I’d say this is more of a Clyde punishing machine. When he does something bad he gets to watch Bonnie get pets, but sorry Clyde, you’re too short.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]