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This Robot Will Park Your Car For You


Written by Conner Flynn | March 30, 2019

Today we have cars that can park themselves, but that’s not good enough. What we need are robots to park our non-autonomous cars for us. Stanley Robotics car-parking robot is basically the mechanical equivalent of a valet parker.

Simply drop your car off in a pickup garage, and Stan, the car-parking robot will do the rest. The robot will grab the vehicle by its wheels, lift it up, and tow it into an available airport parking space without any human assistance at all. This will allow drivers to quickly drop off their vehicle when they catch a flight. We are all in a hurry and stressed out about finding a parking spot in this situation, so in this case, it may be pretty cool to have some robot assistance.

The car-parking robot will also deliver vehicles to the driver when they arrive back home. That way you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding it in the parking lot after a long flight. The robots can even account for delayed flights so you are all good. Stan recently made its debut at the Saint Exupéry Airport in Lyon, France, and may soon come to an airport near you.

Yeah, I think I approve of this robot, and I don’t approve of many. This one will make our live easier when it comes to travel.

[via Yanko Design]