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This Rocket Powered Golf Club Swings at 150 MPH

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 4, 2019

How fast can you swing a golf club? I have no idea what the record for a human might be, but I know that pros can swing at about 110 MPH. The rest of us, not very fast. If you want to swing a golf club really fast, you have to enlist some help from a former NASA engineer like Mark Rober who teamed up with Smarter Every Day’s Destin Sandlin to add some rocket power to the situation.

The built a swinging rig, then added two F size model rocket engines to a driver so that it swings at 150 MPH. You can check out the video right here. The first successful run begins at the 10:08 mark, but most of the failures are equally entertaining to watch. After they use the club to hit a few golf balls, they naturally move on to the important stuff like a watermelon. I’m not sure how far they managed to hit those golf balls, but I can tell you that the watermelon didn’t go far, because there wasn’t enough of it left to travel through the air as the thing exploded.

This is just proof that everything is better when it’s rocket-powered. Now we just need to get those snooty PGA golf pros to start using these clubs. It might make the sport more watchable.

If you dare want to try to build a rocket-powered golf club for yourself, you can check out the build docs over on Mark Rober’s instructional website.

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