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Tetris Played on an Mechanical Display: FlipTris

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 10, 2019

Most of us know Tetris from the Game Boy version and that theme song is forever stuck in our heads. But when you play the game on a mechanical display, the sound it makes also very satisfying.

A geek going by the name sinowin rigged up a small computer with a joystick and connected them to an old school elongated flip-disc display. These screens were used before LCD screens were large and affordable, mostly for signs, like arrivals and destination times at airports or train stations.

Listen and enjoy as as 210 small plastic discs flip back and forth to recreate the falling tetrominoes. It’s pretty calming, like ASMR.

This is an awesome way to play one of our favorite classic games. Who needs millions of tiny pixels that silently turn on and off every second, when you can have these things making sounds instead.

Sit back and relax to the sounds as those tetrominoes fall, but don’t get too relaxed or you won’t get the high score. They should definitely make this an hour-long video so that people can enjoy the tippity-tapping sounds for longer.

[via Boing Boing via Gizmodo]