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KFC Celebrates Mother’s Day with the Chickendales

 |  |  May 12, 2019

Today is Mother’s Day, and KFC wants to help you celebrate with mom in their usual weird way. KFC’s Chickendales digital Mother’s Day cards are here to help. These customizable video cards are for sending to your mom to let her know you love her. And also to remind her that KFC chicken is delicious.

Mom is sure to get excited with these cards because the Colonel is looking more fit and buff than ever. Plus there are guys in their underwear shaking their moneymakers. If that isn’t sexy enough, they then dress up as KFC food itself, like a bucket of chicken, biscuits and more. The colonel is crazy, but he sure loves your mom.

Does it make you want to buy chicken? If so, then mission accomplished KFC. Does it make you want to slip dollar bills in the Colonel’s G-string? (Ew. And now I have that image in my head. I can’t unsee it.) Well, that’s just weird and it’s something that I thought I would never type in my life. Frankly, it makes me feel weird that I have typed it. I can never go back now. Damn you Colonel for being so damn strange in your promotions. This isn’t how you sell chicken. Or is it?

[via Geekologie]