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17-Foot-Tall AT-AT Invades a Church

 |  |  |  June 24, 2019

It’s amazing when you think about how many Star Wars statues are around the world, some in the oddest places. Kyle Gilbert is one of the people responsible for bringing just a bit of that galaxy far, far away into our world. You see, Kyle created a 17-foot-tall replica of an AT-AT Walker. Well, half of one, which he mounted to a wall as a piece of installation art in his church.

I’m sure it knows if you didn’t put anything in the donation basket, so you better pony up some money. Otherwise, it will fire on you on your way out. Okay, I made that up, but it would be great to see in action and it would make the church a lot of money.

The sculpture was created over the course of four weeks using household materials. “As people walked into the building, I wanted to do something that felt totally unpredictable and surprising,” Kyle says. “AT-ATs have this huge and menacing feel to them—totally iconic.” It’s not every day that you see an AT-AT at a church, that’s for sure.

[via Star Wars via io9]