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This Starfleet Engineering Notebook Is Approved by the United Federation of Planets

 |  |  June 25, 2019

Engineering plays a critical role in the operation of every space vessel. But where do you keep track of your notes on tuning your warp core, or the right settings to keep your transporter from turning your crewmates inside out? You need a journal, and this one should do just fine…

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild sells this fun Starfleet Engineering Notebook that’s perfect for all of your notes and scribbles (or is it tribbles?) The 3″ x 5″ notebook includes 48 gridded pages for sketching technical drawings, and also features schematics for a phaser, a communicator, and a tricorder in case the ship’s computer isn’t responding, and you need to look them up.

My only concern about the notebook at all is that it’s red, which means that it’s likely to self-destruct, so use it with caution. You can grab one here for just $3.95.