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Wear the Solar System on Your Wrist

 |  |  |  September 11, 2019

In Men in Black, it turned out that Orion the cat held the entire universe on his collar. While it’s not quite as impressive as carrying the universe, you can carry the solar system on your wrist. You’ll just need to pretend that your arm is the Sun, so the planets have something to orbit around.

This solar system bracelet is made up of polished gemstones that have been selected for their similarity in color and pattern to our neighboring planets. It’s supposed to help with your Chakras or something too, but I prefer to stick to the scientific interpretation of things.

The bracelet includes all nine planets (including Pluto) and the moon. Of course, they’re not to scale, as that would be one uncomfortable bracelet if you had to lug around Jupiter all day long. The remaining stones are black with star-like speckles, representing the vastness of space.

You can grab this spacely bracelet over on Amazon for just $10.