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A Plush Volcano and Squeaky Dinosaur Plush Toys for Your Dog

 |  |  |  |  October 1, 2019

Does your dog love plush chew toys? Then let your pooch get prehistoric with this adorably silly set of squeaky dinosaurs which poke their heads out of a plush volcano.

Available from Chewy, the $15.99 set includes an 8.5″ tall volcano, along with six squeezy dinos for your pup to chew on. Extra dinosaurs are sold in sets of three for just $4.99, in case your dog likes to rip out the guts of every squeaky toy like mine does. Why not buy a hundred, and shower your dog with T-Rexes?

While your best friend gnaws on these toys, imagine a Jurassic Dog movie, in which Dr. Hammond genetically engineers a new species of giant canine to take out all the dinosaurs, because what could possibly go wrong with that?