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The Chocolate Cubes Keyboard Looks Good Enough to Eat


Written by Paul Strauss | November 14, 2019

Do you love chocolate? How about computers? Well if you enjoy both, I don’t recommend getting chocolate all over your keyboard, as it’s really hard to clean off. Instead, why not go for this keyboard that looks like chocolate instead?

The Ajazz Chocolate Cubes is a full-size mechanical keyboard that looks absolutely delectable. The two-tone chocolate brown keys really do remind me of the bricks you break off from a chocolate bar… or if you’re like me, you just bite right into the whole thing. That said, I don’t think biting into this tasty looking keyboard is a good idea, despite the fact that it has equally yummy sounding Cherry MX switches. Mmmm. Chocolate-covered cherries.

Now that you’ve cleaned up the drool off your old keyboard, here are some additional specifics: It’s got 104 keys, including numerics and function keys, and is compatible with Windows or OSX. Each key switch is rated for over 50 million lifetime presses, and you’ve got a choice between Cherry MX Black, Brown, Red, or Blue keys. I say you stick with the brown ones to keep the chocolate theme going.

If you’d like a Chocolate Cubes keyboard for your desktop, head over to Drop today, where they have them on special for $95 through 11/17/19 – a savings of $15 off of the regular price.