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This Leather Coffin Is One Fine Final Resting Place

 |  |  |  |  |  November 20, 2019

For some of us, being buried in a simple wooden box is just as good as being buried in one of those extravagant luxury coffins. But now that I’ve seen Saddleback Leather’s custom built casket, I think I’d like to be buried in one of these.


This impressive bit of leatherwork wraps an 87″ x 36″ hardwood box with nine full-grain hides. On the outside of the box are six, sturdy reinforced handles for carrying, and a trio of suitcase-like straps to hold the lid on. For the occupant, there’s a pigskin lining, full-grain leather pillow for “comfort,” along with pockets for storing mementos. A large wooden plaque hangs inside and can be customized with a saying of your choice.

While the whole idea of selecting your own casket seems a bit morbid, it’s something that’s better to do before you’re gone than leaving your family with that tough decision. That said, if you do want to be buried in this exquisite leather coffin, you’ll need to leave them $25,000 extra just to cover its cost. Or you can buy one for yourself now and use it as a trunk or coffee table until it’s time to take up residence inside of it.