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Toilet Paper Robot Can Always Spare a Square

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 9, 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to go for the latest in televisions, computers, cameras, automotive technology, and all kinds of gadgets. Each year, the show also introduces us to its share of robots. Though the 2020 CES show brought along something a little different – robots that deliver toilet paper.

These silly little robots were commissioned by toilet paper company Charmin, and are designed to bring you a fresh roll of TP when you’ve just run out. Dubbed the “Rollbot,” the self-balancing two-wheeled robots carry a single roll on their heads, and can be hailed using your smartphone when you’re desperate for another square to wipe with.

Rollbots are designed to look like the cute bears that poop in the woods in Charmin’s commercials, and feature a friendly digital face to help put you at ease in your moment of need.

Of course there are number of big flaws with the concept. First, there’s the minor issue of how it would actually get into a closed bathroom or under a stall door. And how exactly does this thing reload without any arms? And finally, who would ever want to touch one of these things after they’ve been delivering toilet paper to desperate bathroom occupants?

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