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LEGO Beer Tap Gives You Blocky, Foamy Goodness

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 30, 2020

In a lot of video games, as you get hammered on by the bad guys, your heart counter goes down. Lose all your hearts, and you die. In some of those games you can refill your heart counter by drinking some sort of special health elixir.

I think if real life had a heart counter, the elixir of health would be beer. Ramble into your local drinking hole, order a beer, slurp it down and your heart refills. JBF Creations‘┬áblocky LEGO beer tap is just the ticket for topping off your heart counter.

Granted you can’t drink the blocky beer you see here, but the tap does have a heart on top just to let you know that it will refill your health. All this thing needs is a LEGO Homer Simpson to drink straight from the tap.

[via Brothers-Brick]