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Artist Makes Giant Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce

 |  |  |  |  February 3, 2020

A couple of years back, I came across some unique ceiling fans designed to look like the fan blades from a jet engine. Now, the artist behind these awe-inspiring fans is back, and he’s showing off his biggest build yet. Commissioned on behalf of jet engine maker Rolls-Royce, this gigantic fan measure an amazing 113 inches in diameter.

Kurt Eldrup of Phighter Images and Aviation Flying Furniture fabricated the fan’s blades to replicate the look of Rolls’ lightweight carbon composite and titanium CTi fan blades, and has been painted to match the real engine (as shown below).

In order to ensure that the fan spins smoothly and in balance, each blade was precision-cut using a CNC waterjet machine. Each of the fan’s 18 blades measures a whopping 45″ long, and there’s a 23″ diameter conical spinner at its center. You can check out a little footage of the fan spinning at a low speed in the video below. Rolls wants it to spin at a fairly slow speed so people can admire its design, but its builder assures us that the motor could be cranked up to about 10 times the speed shown here.

Kurt went so far as to build a custom wall switch for the fan, using aviation-style materials and incorporating the iconic Rolls-Royce logo.

The fan is now at the Rolls-Royce North America headquarters in Reston, Virginia, where it has been permanently installed as the centerpiece of the office.

You can check out more of Kurt’s aviation-inspired fans, gifts, decor, and furniture over on his website.