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TokyoFlash Quasar LCD Watch Is Deceptively Easy to Read

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 1, 2020

Do you love unusual watches? Well Tokyoflash Japan has been a great source for strange and wonderful timepieces since the year 2000. While many of their designs are eye-catching, they’re also often difficult to read at a glance. That’s why I love the design of their Kisai Quasar LCD watch.

At first glance, these digital watches look incredibly complicated, with lots of geometric patterns that almost just look like abstract modern art. But take a moment to look closer, and you’ll notice that the time is right there, hiding in plain sight. You see, at the middle of the display’s four hexagonal quadrants, a small digit appears. So for instance, the watch above shows the time “0935”, while the one below says “2039.” Simple, eh?

The hex-shaped watch can also display an animation on its LCD, and can show the digits without the patterns around them – but I think that takes away from the design. Each one includes date, stopwatch, and alarm functions, and electroluminescent backlighting, as well as 12-hour and 24-hour modes.

The Kisai Quasar watch is available in black or silver stainless steel cases, with a blue, red, green or mirrored display.  You can pick one up at Tokyoflash for $179.00.