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Skittles Giants are the Giant Skittles We Didn’t Know We Needed

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 5, 2020

If you ask me and my sweet tooth, the only thing better than candy is bigger candy. Thankfully, the sugar gods are shining down upon us with a new blessing today, in the form of Skittles Giants.

The new candy is the same as regular Skittles, only three times larger! So no longer do you need to stick three Skittles in your mouth to get that effect, you just need one. Skittles Giants recently started turning up on shelves in the UK, and are making us here in the States and other countries very jealous today. Just look at these things. The packaging alone makes them look three times as appealing as regular Skittles.

The Mars Wrigley company hasn’t announced any plans to bring Skittles Giants stateside yet, but I plan on bringing a case of them home the next time I travel to England. In the mean time, keep your eye out on eBay for enterprising importers willing to ship them overseas.

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