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Dungeons and Dragons D20 Lamp Lights up Your Game

 |  |  |  |  March 16, 2020

If you’re into Dungeons and Dragons or any other tabletop gaming, then you might want to give this lamp a tumble. You see, it looks just like a 20-sided die (aka “D20”), only bigger… like 10 times bigger.

The USB-powered lamp is official Dungeons and Dragons merch, and features a dragon in the place of the 20 on one of its faces. It measures about 7.5″ tall, and gradually cycles between colors.

I suppose you could roll this thing when it’s unplugged, but I’m gonna bet that it’s not properly balanced for truly random rolls, given the electronics inside. Never mind the fact that you might break it. You’re better off just turning it on and admiring it while it sits there on the shelf and changes colors. Roll on over to Firebox, and grab one for $37.99.