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This Jellyfish Ceiling Lamp Won’t Sting

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 12, 2020

Jellyfish are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. If you’ve ever looked at them up close at the aquarium, they look like they have nothing inside of them, yet somehow they’re able to swim around and eat plankton. Of course if you’ve encountered one on the beach, it might have been a less pleasant experience, especially if you got stung. There’s even an eraser-sized jellyfish out there that can kill you with a single sting. Like I said, fascinating.

If you’re into looking at jellyfish, but don’t care for the venom, then maybe you should consider this jellyfish ceiling lamp. Artist Sue Donim handmakes these pendant lamps that look like the unique sea creatures. She makes them using bunched-up organza fabric, which gives them that soft and ethereal look.

Unlike actual jellyfish, these ones come in a variety of colors, and light up from the inside. You can choose one color for its head, and up to four different colors for its wispy tentacles. There’s a dimmable, 16-color LED bulb inside which includes a remote for changing colors too. Its head measures 15″ in diameter, and it’s about 42″ from the top to the bottom of its tentacles.

They’re $250 each over on the artist’s Etsy shop. Sue makes each jellyfish lamp to order, and since she’s a good person and currently using her sewing skills to make masks for healthcare workers, you’ll need to be a little patient if you order one. Shipping times are currently about a month from placing your order, but from the reviews I’ve read, it’ll be worth the wait.