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This AirPods Pro Case Looks Likes It Came from Easter Island

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 10, 2020

So you spent a pretty penny on a pair of Apple’s pricey AirPods Pro earbuds. You can’t just carry them around in their nondescript white charging case now, can you? You need something special to go with your fancy wireless audio gear, and I think this case definitely meets that criteria.

The Portrait Stone case makes your AirPods Pro case look like an ancient stone statues like the ones on Easter Island. Unlike the mysterious stone Moai created by the Rapa Nui, this one was made much more recently, using soft and stretchy silicone. It’s also much wider than it is tall.

It’s a fun way to protect your precious earbuds and to visit one of the world’s wonders without leaving your house. This particular version of the case is available from Hong Kong outfit Brando for $16, but you can find similar ones over on Amazon for a few dollars less. Buy a bunch, and you can stand them up just like the ones at the famed tourist attraction. They’re a bargain compared to flying all the way to Chile to see the real deal, and you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for knocking them over.