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Burger King Social Distancing Crowns: Hold the Pickle, Hold the Coronavirus

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 24, 2020

When it comes to things we can do to mitigate the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is definitely at the top of the list, right up there with wearing masks, washing your hands, and not touching your face. The further you stay away from other people, the lower the odds you can get their germs on you.

People and businesses all over the world are coming up with creative ways to keep people apart, with things like stickers on the floors at grocery stores, limiting foot traffic, and placing outdoor tables far apart. But I think this idea from Burger King Germany is my favorite so far.

The fast food chain is showing off a ridiculously oversized version of their iconic paper Burger King crown, which ensures people keep their distance. The hat appears to be made using eight of their regular paper crowns, along with two semi-circles of foamcore for a base. The design doesn’t look very difficult to replicate, assuming you could shake down your local Burger King for a bunch of paper crowns.

From the picture, it looks like these folks are less than 6 feet apart, so you might want to make yours even bigger. I wonder how large you could make one before it became completely unwearable while chowing down on your Whopper.

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