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Mini LEGO Arcade Machines: Tiny Things Are Awesome

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 29, 2020

Among my many geeky pursuits, two of my favorites are classic arcade games and LEGO. So when I stumbled onto this collection of custom LEGO arcade machines, I had to bust open the piggy bank (aka my PayPal account) – since that’s where I save my spare change to buy stuff that I don’t NEED but that I really WANT.

These minifig-scale arcade machines come from eBay seller The Brick Show Shop, who has lots of awesome custom LEGO sets in their shop. In order to avoid licensing issues, these machines feature names like “Ms. Dot Man,” “Froggy,” and “Astrobricks,” but they’re still super cool, and make me want to build out a complete arcade filled with mini cabinets. There are standard upright cabinets, as well as unique machines like a DDR-inspired dance game, sit-down racing games, and a ride-on game called “Raptor Rider.”

They’ve also got a skee ball machine, vending machines, and a claw machine in the collection, and I’m sure it’s impossible to to grab any of the studs with the claw in this one too.

Prices for the LEGO arcade machines range from about $7.99 up to $14.99, so you can build out an entire arcade for your minifigs for much less than even a single real arcade machine. You can find them all over on The Brick Show Shop’s eBay store. While you’re roaming the virtual aisles, you can also find a sweet LEGO model of a Nintendo Switch.