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That Time Someone Sang Eminem’s “Without Me” in Klingon

 |  |  |  |  |  June 19, 2020

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. The nature of its persistent storage means that you sometimes discover things within 10 seconds of them going live, and other times 10 years after they’re posted. This is definitely one of those 10+ year situations, but it’s too good not to share. You see, back in 2009, someone went through the trouble of recording a cover of Eminem’s hit track “Without Me,” but entirely in Klingon.

The video (which looks like it was shot on a potato) was posted by a guy going by the name “Klenginem,” who did a great job bringing the Klingon anger vibe to Marshall Mathers’ punchy rap track. Of course, it’s no longer called “Without Me.” In Klingon, it’s “SuvwI’pu’ qan tu’lu’be’.” Good luck pronouncing that. Well, rather than listen to me prattle on about the finer points of the Klingon language, just press play on the video below:

If that wasn’t enough for you, Klenginem posted the full lyrics to the track here, and you can view the translated English lyrics by turning on closed captioning on the YouTube clip. ‘a DaH Qu’ DataghDI’ ‘aqtu’ mellota’ je chaH tIqawchu’taH!

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