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Rubik’s Tactile Cube Puzzle Lets Blind People Join in the Frustration

 |  |  |  June 23, 2020

As much fun as it is to play with a Rubik’s Cube, it can also be quite frustrating if you don’t know the proper algorithms to use to solve it. There are countless videos and reference materials which show you how to solve the puzzle, though they assume that you can actually see the colors.

This special 3×3 Rubik’s Cube upgrades the standard color cubes with special tactile versions, so you can solve the puzzle even if you have a visual impairment.

Made by Winning Moves Games, the Rubik’s Tactile Cube matches up each color with an embossed shape that can be easily discerned with your fingertips. Blue is represented by a single solid dot, red is an open square, yellow is a grid of dots, orange is an X, green is an open circle, and white has no surface texture. Not only does this add a new dimension to the Rubik’s Cube, it opens the puzzle up to people who have limited or no sight. Of course, you can put on a blindfold or attempt to solve it in complete darkness too.

The Rubik’s Tactile Cube sells for $14.99, but is on sale for just $10.97 over on Amazon as of this writing. It’s a great idea, and a fun new spin on a classic puzzle.