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Cardboard Cat TARDIS Is Perfect for Doctor Mew

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 27, 2020

Did you know that on Gallifrey, all cats roam free? Well, you shouldn’t, since I just made that up. But I have it on good authority that the next time the good Doctor regenerates, he’s going to be turned into a cat. So it’s a good thing that somebody has already worked out a TARDIS that’s just the right size for Doctor Mew.

The guys over at CacaoPets sell this TARDIS-inspired cat house that’s the perfect place for your kitty to hang out inside of as they get ready for their next mission across time and space. No glue is required, so you just follow the directions and slide the pieces together. It’s made from thick 4mm corrugated cardboard, which is much sturdier than those Amazon boxes you have lying around and were thinking about building your own cat TARDIS from. That said, I know of no cardboard that can withstand the claws of a feline hellbent on turning everything into a scratching post.

The finished cat TARDIS measures just under 19″ square and a little over 21″ tall. It may even be bigger on the inside, making it just right for kitty and their faithful companion to travel in. Rather than being powered by The Eye of Harmony, this TARDIS gets its energy from pure catnip, so be sure to stock up. If you’re ready to send your cat on a mission to defeat K9 and his army of robot dogs, you can find the cat TARDIS over on Etsy for $81.