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The Office Possum Will Keep Unwanted People out of Your Cubicle

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 4, 2020

I’d prefer that companies let people continue to work from home until we have an effective COVID-19 vaccine, but some people are having to go into their offices already. While I hope that people are following social distancing and mask rules, some people will always be scofflaws. If you want to make sure no unmasked sickies poke their heads into your cubicle, then you need an effective deterrent. The Office Possum should do the trick quite nicely.

Made by purveyors of weird and wacky stuff Archie McPhee, the Office Possum is a 15″ tall latex replica of a possum that’s perfect for scaring people away from your stuff. With its beady eyes, lanky pink tail, gnarly teeth, and scratchy claws, it’s a great impediment to those who try and enter your personal space.

This guy even has bendable paws and tail, so you can pose it just how you like. Whether you poke its head out of a garbage can or leave it on its back on the floor like roadkill, it’s sure to disgust and freak out all who dare to cross its path.

Best of all, this thing doesn’t smell or spread rabies, so you can keep it in your office all year long. You can get your own Office Possum over at Archie McPhee for just $23.95. I think you should buy a bunch and block the entire entrance to your space with them.