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The “Smorgasboard” Is a Keyboard with Only Food Keycaps

 |  |  |  October 12, 2020

Because I write thousands and thousands of words every week, I got myself a fancy $200 mechanical keyboard with good clicky switches and schmancy RGB backlighting just for fun. I’ve thought about getting some custom keycaps too, but I don’t think I’d be able to type very fast if all of my keys were made to look like food.

Artist Tiny loves to create custom keys for mechanical keyboards and has been spending months creating a series of keys that look like miniature foods. She recently completed the collection, and now has an entire keyboard filled with food. And no, I’m not talking about the Cheetos and Doritos dust that some of us might find between our keys.

Among the food keys are a cheeseburger, a cinnamon roll, a pink donut with sprinkles, french fries, and more yummy treats. I especially love how she made the longer keys like the submarine sandwich space bar and the watermelon and hot dog shift keys. Tiny walks through all of the keys and how they relate to their letter position on the keyboard then performs a typing speed test in the video below:

You can check out more of Tiny’s amazing custom keys over on her Instagram feed, where you can find everything from a Spongebob Squarepants keycap to keycaps that look like butts.

[via Nag on the Lake]