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There’s a Doraemon Time Machine Bed for Your Cat

 |  |  |  |  |  November 25, 2020

If you’ve ever followed the Japanese anime series Doraemon, you know that the robotic cat’s primary means of transportation is a rather silly looking time machine. While we humans may never get a chance to take a ride to other points in time, your cat is ready to go right now.

The guys at Japanese department store Felissimo have teamed up with Doraemon creators Fujiko Fujio to make this plush cat bed that looks just like the time machine from the series. Your kitty will enjoy playing with the cockpit controls, which can send them on an adventure to the past, future, or points unknown. That’s assuming it doesn’t break down as often as Doraemon’s machine does.

The time machine cat bed sells for ¥9790, or about $94 USD. That’s a small price to pay to send your cat somewhere far away when they’re trying to walk on your keyboard while you’re trying to type.

[via Toy People]