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Team Builds 1.4 Million Lumen “World’s Brightest” Flashlight

 |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2020

By hite

How bright is your flashlight? I only have the one on my phone because I’m completely unprepared for any sort of emergency situation. Well, presumably with the belief that it should be daylight all the time, the team over at Hacksmith Industries took it upon themselves to build a giant, 1,414,224 lumen flashlight. I can already imagine myself staring at it until I go blind.

The flashlight is illuminated via an array of fifty circuit boards, each with six individual LEDs, for a total of 300 lights, all magnified by a giant Fresnel lens. And, after barely surviving 2020, I think it makes the perfect flashlight for searching for all the damns I have left to give.

Holy smokes, that thing is bright. Clearly, the only thing left to do is tape a bat-signal to the lens and see if I can’t trick Batman and Robin into showing up at my next birthday party. I hope they like Funfetti cake.