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Super Mario Bob-omb Toilet Paper Holder Is Ready to Blow

 |  |  |  |  |  December 11, 2020

If there’s something you never want to happen in your bathroom, it’s an explosion, except maybe one of those fizzy bath bombs in the tub. But if you’ve played enough Super Mario games, you know how to deal with a bomb, as long as it’s Bob-omb. Assuming you know how to keep this anthropomorphic explosive from blowing up, you might be comfortable with Bob hanging out in your bathroom.

This Bob-omb toilet paper cozy would look great in any Nintendo-themed bathroom, and I know that’s a really common bathroom decor theme. Simply load it up with a roll of your favorite toilet paper, and pull to expose the fuse of your bathroom bomb. As long as you don’t light the paper fuse or turn Bob-omb’s key, I think you’ll be okay.

This thing is awfully cute, but the idea of touching something made out of fabric while you’re on the toilet pooping makes me question whether this is really a practical bathroom accessory. I think I’d just use it to store a spare roll rather than use it as a dispenser.