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Off-Road Electric Unicycle Can Go Up To 34MPH: Look Ma, No Hands!

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | February 17, 2021

Because there’s a personal electric vehicle for everyone no matter what their taste, InMotion has released the $2,000 V11 electric unicycle, a one-wheeled EV with a traditional unicycle form factor. Obviously, I’m about to take my circus act to the next level.

The V11 comes with a 2,200-watt motor powered by a 1,500Wh battery and has about a 75-mile range. One of the cycle’s unique features is its off-road capability, made possible by its large 18-inch tire (3-inches wide) and air suspension with 2.7-inches of vertical travel, making the unit capable of climbing inclines up to 35-degrees. Which is great news, because I really don’t like walking on inclines of 35-degrees.

Did I mention the V11 can reach speeds up to 34MPH? I did, right in the title. For reference, 34MPH is 14MPH faster than anybody should ever travel on a unicycle, and 24MPH faster than any sane person ever would. Let’s hack one to go even faster!

[via The Gadget Flow]