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Amazon Releasing an Alexa-Enabled Sticky Note Printer

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | February 24, 2021

As one of its first Amazon Day 1 Edition products (an initiative where Amazon introduces new conceptual products and if they meet their pre-order goal by a certain date, Amazon will manufacture them), the company is releasing the $90 Smart Sticky Note Printer (affiliate link). The unit is an Alexa-compatible inkless printer that can print sticky note to-do lists, reminders, recipes, shopping lists, and even sudoku puzzles.

That’s cool, but do you know what turns any piece of printed paper into a sticky note? A little wad of chewing gum. That’s what I’ve been doing for years and it’s been working out just – wait, where’s my grocery list? Oh please don’t be on my shoe again.

Do you think 3M is worried about their Post-It Note brand now that Amazon is trying to get into the sticky note market? Because I would be. I’d also send a spy to infiltrate the company and learn their secrets, and that’s why I’m not allowed to run businesses anymore.

My wife informed me she’s added the printer to her Amazon cart, so I guess we’re getting one. And when I catch her telling Alexa to add ‘sticky note printer paper’ to her sticky note shopping list, I’ll know this technology has finally reached its logical conclusion.