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VW Camper Bedroom: Zzzzzz W

 |  |  |  |  |  March 15, 2021

There are many choices you can make when decorating your bedroom, but after seeing this bed, there is really only one choice. You must have a Volkswagen Camper Van as your new bed. The Circu Bun Van will make it happen. I don’t know what’s with that name – they should have gone with “Zzzzz W.”

It’s a fiberglass reproduction, not the actual van, and it has a comfy bed inside. It also comes with multiple storage compartments, a TV, a mini-bar, and even a sofa in the cabin. It measures 13.1″ x 6.1″ x 7.2″ feet, making it about 93% of the size of an actual VW Type 22 bus.


Just park this anywhere and bam, instant bedroom. A bedroom that is also a VW camper. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. This is a bedroom in a van, which you could park inside another bedroom. Is your mind blown?


They don’t list a price for this thing, but if you have to ask…

[via Cool Things]