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Full Dragonscale Gauntlets: Dungeons & Dragons Just Got Real

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | March 19, 2021

Ready to take your next cosplay to the winner’s circle at a convention? Or maybe you just want to spice up your next Dungeons & Dragons session. Well, Etsy shop DraconicWares has the gauntlets for you. I mean, provided the gauntlets for you are anodized aluminum dragonscale gauntlets. I think we can all agree, everyone should own at least one pair of in their lifetime.

Similar in style to these previously seen fingerless gauntlets, these models are made to your exact finger and wrist measurements with full finger scaling, all attached via anodized aluminum (AA) rings. The palms are made of chainmail mesh with AA rings as well as synthetic rubber rings to ensure a snug fight and solid grip on your Axe Of Unforgiving or Chalice Of Bloodthirst.

Unfortunately for anybody seriously interested in the gauntlets that didn’t just collect a king’s ransom, the made-to-order armwear costs $600 a pair. That’s not chump change, and if the rest of a suit of dragonscale armor is priced accordingly I may have no choice but to meet my enemies in battle wearing little more than dragonscale gauntlets and my favorite track pants.

[via DudeIWantThat]