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This Sandwich Looks Like a Sneaker

 |  |  |  |  May 1, 2021

Photos by Miki Takahira

When is a sandwich, not a sandwich? When it’s a shoe, of course. I mean, I’ve heard the expressions “I’ll eat my hat” and “Eat my shorts,” but never “Eat my shoes.” Still, I’m quite impressed with the food artistry on display here.

Japanese artist and designer Manami Sasaki is an expert at turning bread and toast into beautiful and edible works of art. I mean, just check out their mouth-watering Instagram feed, and you’re gonna get hungry. Among Sasaki’s many delectable creations is this sandwich that looks like a sneaker. It’s made of precisely cut and sculpted pieced of bread glued together with flour and water and filled with veggies inside of the sole. I prefer my sneakers with ham and cheese, but that’s just me.

I suppose I could try and make my own sneaker sandwich, but I think it’ll just end up looking like a blob of bread with fingerprints all over it.

[via Neatorama and Laughing Squid]