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Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter: You Have to Eat Your Greens

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 9, 2021

Wafer cones: they’re everyone’s least favorite kind of ice cream cone behind waffle and sugar. Me? I’ve always been more of a sundae-in-a-cup man myself. But enough making myself hungry. This is the giant Safe-T Cup ice cream cone planter created by Rotary Hero and available at Urban Outfitters for $55. I can already imagine myself pretending to take a bite out of it to entertain dinner guests. Add a plant and it makes it look like you’re growing dessert! Although not a dessert I’d be inclined to finish my plate to be rewarded with. Finish my greens just to eat more greens? Nice try, mom! Also, I’m pretty sure that plant is poisonous.

The durable plastic planter measures approximately 26″ tall and has an 8″ opening in which to place a plant. Of course, if you actually do put a plant inside instead of eight gallons of ice cream and trying to eat it all in one sitting, what are you even doing with your life? Not the same thing I’m doing, that’s for sure.

[via The Green Head]