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Back to the Future Rubber Duckie Figures: Quack to the Future

 |  |  |  |  |  |  June 10, 2021

By hite

Because what fun is taking a bath if you don’t have toys to play with (and a ton of bubbles), these are the Back To The Future TUBBZ duck collectibles from Numskull Designs. Each duck is constructed from high-quality PVC and they come in four varieties: Marty with a video camera, Doc (Duck?) Brown wearing his brain wave analyzer, Marty in his radiation suit, and Doc with time-traveling DeLorean’s remote control.

Fingers crossed they continue the series with Back to the Future II characters as well. Then wild west Back to the Future III ones. Eventually, one day I’ll have an entire corner of my office dedicated to Back to the Future rubber duckies. And on that day, my wife will suggest we have a yard sale, and I’ll pretend not to hear her.

Every morning I wake up hoping this will be the day I slip on the toilet while hanging a clock, hit my head on the sink, and invent the flux capacitor. But noooo, all I ever invent are new forms of pain. My chiropractor must be making a small fortune in my quest for time travel.