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Heykube Electronic Puzzle Cube Teaches You How to Solve It: Kompanion Kube

 |  |  June 30, 2021

You can find dozens of tutorials and tips on how to solve a puzzle cube, but a company called Heykube figured out a way to build the guide into the cube itself. The eponymous toy has LEDs at the center of each side. When you begin turning part of the cube, one of the LEDs will light up and will rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise, implying that you should do the same to that side.

The cube comes with a companion app that extends the cube’s “modes”, thanks to different patterns that you can try. It also has a timer. If you want, you can even turn off the LEDs and solve the cube like a regular one. The company also made Heykube’s Python library open source. If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can play with the cube’s lights and sounds, and even create your own puzzles.

You can buy the Heykube straight from the company’s online store for $100 (USD). It’s also on Amazon (affiliate link).

[via The Gadgeteer]