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Giant Wall-Mounted Risk Game: World Domination on an Epic Scale

 |  |  |  |  |  July 6, 2021

By hite

Board games: some people take them a lot more seriously than other people. And for those hardcore board gamers, the WS Game Company has created this Giant Wall Edition of Risk. And giant it is, with a framed board that measures 56″ x 42″ and weighs a very respectable 36-pounds. I can already close my eyes and imagine it falling off the wall due to improper hanging on my part.

Available from the Pottery barn for $999, the game includes enough magnetic troops for up to six players. Of course, buying this giant edition of Risk is also going to pose a real-life risk when my wife finds out how much I spent on it. She doesn’t even like playing Risk, she’s more of a Clue or Battleship gal and beats me every game.

My legs are already getting tired just thinking about having to stand and play an entire game of Risk. That game takes hours. No, if I’m going to stand and play a game that game is going to be Twister, and even then I’m not going to be standing for long before I fall and sprain or break something.