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xScreen “Laptop” Monitor Attaches to the Xbox Series S: That’s a Lot of Xs and Ss

 |  |  |  July 17, 2021

A lot of modders often make console laptops by transferring the gaming machine’s guts to a smaller case and then slapping a monitor on it. But the Xbox Series S is already small and light enough that someone was bound to put two and two together. UPspec Gaming is raising funds on Kickstarter for the xScreen, a display that plugs into the back of the Series S.

The xScreen has a 1080p 11.6″ display and weighs about 1.5lb (700g). It takes advantage of the Series S’ size with its similar length and width. You can just fold it over the console as you would a laptop screen and keep the two devices connected when you’re done playing. Another benefit to this accessory is that it doesn’t require a separate power cable – it gets power through the USB port at the back of the console. And because it gets audio and video from the console’s HDMI port, the only thing you need to connect externally is the Xbox Series S power cable.

As you can see in the photos, the xScreen comes with a pair of side-mounted latches that further secure the screen to the console. The latches will come in a few colors, including green ones, which are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. UPspec Gaming will also release a pair of feet that secures the console in a vertical orientation, effectively raising the monitor.

Here’s a couple of demos of the prototype:

I’m surprised though, that oceanside mansion didn’t have any spare TVs. Pledge at least around $195 (USD) on Kickstarter to get an xScreen as a reward.

[via Kotaku]