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Bow TIE Fighters: For Dark Side Black Tie Affairs

 |  |  |  |  |  July 20, 2021

By hite

Because what else would you wear to the Galactic Federation’s next fundraising ball, these are the Bow TIE Fighters made and sold by Etsy shop Kilted Katana. I can already close my eyes and hear my wife asking me to please pick a different tie and put my lightsaber replica away before leaving for her cousin’s wedding.

Available in three different TIE fighters (classic, TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced) and three different tie options (neck band, clip-on, or hair tie), Bow Tie Fighters cost $20 apiece and are sure to let people know you’re as classy as James Bond, but can also quote the majority of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Nice, but where’s the X-wing bow tie to match? I mean how are a friend and I supposed to run around pretending we’re locked in space battle if we’re both wearing TIE fighters? We’re on the same side! Also, ten dollars says my bow TIE fighter magically disappears from the closet prior to my wife’s company Christmas party this year.

[via TheGreenHead]