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Finally, The Heated Outdoor Folding Chair You’ve Been Waiting For

 |  |  |  |  |  August 4, 2021

By hite

Because the great outdoors are best enjoyed while warm and seated, this is the Heated Outdoor Folding Chair available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer. I can already feel my butt sweating around a campfire.

The $180 chair has a heating element woven into its seat and has three different temperature settings: 113ºF, 122ºF, and 131ºF. Am I going to hack mine to go up to 300ºF so I can use it for cooking hot dogs? Warranties were made to voided. Its AC rechargeable battery pack provides about six hours of heat on a full charge or about a half-hour of grilling time for me.

Alternatively, just sit on one of those hand warmer packs in a regular folding chair. Sure it might not be as elegant as a heated folding chair, but it’s also not as expensive. If I’m going to spend $180 on a chair, you better believe it’s going to be one of those fancy Japanese toilets with all the bells and whistles.