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Baby Yoda Glitter Globe Sets a Snowy Star Wars Scene

 |  |  |  |  |  September 17, 2021

We’ve yet to visit any planets on The Mandalorian where it’s snowing. But maybe it’s just that none of the scenes so far have taken place in the wintertime. Regardless, I think The Child aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu would enjoy catching snowflakes on his little tongue in between gulping down frog eggs. If you like the idea of a snowy Baby Yoda too, then check out this official Star Wars The Child Glitter Globe.

The collectible is based on Grogu’s hover pram, only he’s inside of a crystal clear bubble. It’s sort of like a space helmet, only filled with water and shiny, snow-like glitter. I wonder if it’s cold inside there. And how does he breathe? I guess we could ask that question about every planet in the Star Wars universe. It seems like there’s oxygen, or whatever these characters breathe, readily available in the proper amount from Tatooine to Hoth. But I digress. Isn’t Baby Yoda just the cutest?

The Child Glitter Globe sells for $89.99 (or one ingot of Beskar Steel) from The Bradford Exchange. It’s currently sold out, but they expect to start shipping again in late November, just in time for the Christmas rush.