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VHS Pillowcases and Duvets: Be Kind, Relax and Rewind

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 22, 2021

While VHS tapes clearly won the format war against Betamax, I was always more of a Beta fan because I’ve always been an outsider-slash-tech snob. Regardless of the kind of videotape you chose back in the day, your blank tapes almost certainly came in a boldly designed box with colorful line art graphics. Now, you can enjoy the classic VHS tape look every time you lie down to go to bed.

Clothing and accessory brand MoonLambo makes a variety of fun items decked out to look like classic VHS art, including a VHS tape pillowcase, and two different VHS-inspired duvet covers: one in a white/yellow/orange/red color scheme, and another in a black/gold/RGB combo. All three are labeled as “T-120” which means that they can record up to 2 hours of low-quality video in SP mode, 4 hours of mediocre video in LP mode, and 6 hours of “shot on a potato” quality video in EP mode. And if you start to see squiggly lines while you drift off to sleep, try adjusting the tracking control.

And if you have a particularly memorable dream of Heather Locklear coming out of the swimming pool that you don’t want to forget, be sure to punch out the write-protect tab to prevent someone in the house from overwriting your precious fantasies with a bad episode of Silver Spoons.