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14K Gold and Cubic Zirconia Michael Myers Pendant: Stabbing in Style

 |  |  |  |  |  October 10, 2021

By hite

What better way to express your fandom for the Halloween franchise than with this Michael Myers 14K gold plated and cubic zirconia pendant? I can actually think of a lot of ways, but that isn’t going to stop me from dropping $650 on this piece from Aporro. I can already close my eyes and hear my wife yelling about the credit card charge.

Did you know the original Michael Myers mask was created by Halloween’s production designer Tommy Lee Wallace using a $1.98 Star Trek Captain Kirk mask he purchased from a costume shop on Hollywood Boulevard and modified by widened the eye holes and spray-painting the flesh a bluish-white? Because that’s true. The more you know!

Unlike the original, this particular piece is brass with a 14k gold plating and a plethora of white and black cubic zirconia adorning Michael’s face. It measures 90mm x 70mm (3.5″ x 2.7″) and weighs 198g. Obviously, it would be far better as a full-size mask I could wear while cutting the grass to let my neighbors know my yard is not one to let their dogs poop in without picking it up.

[via DudeIWantThat]