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Hot Dog Flavored Candy Canes: Pass the Mustard

 |  |  |  |  |  October 29, 2021

By hite

Self-proclaimed (and accurate) ‘maker of weird’ Archie McPhee is introducing these Hot Dog Candy Canes just in time for the Christmas season. The red-and-white canes come in six-packs for $6.50 and “taste like sweet, meaty hot dogs.” Unfortunately, the flavor does not include condiments, so you’ll need to lick a ketchup-flavored candy cane immediately afterward for the full hot dog eating experience.

Personally, I feel like hot dogs are hands down the perfect food provided you don’t care about nutrition or your own personal health. Besides that though, absolutely delicious. I’ve even been known to eat cold wieners right out of the package first thing in the morning. My wife says it’s gross, but I say it’s all part of a perfectly-unbalanced breakfast.

Like the previously posted ketchup flavored candy canes, I like how these look just like traditional peppermint canes, so my nieces and nephews won’t know the difference until it’s too late and they’re retching and I’m laughing and my brother and sister are upset with me. Ah, the holidays, am I right?

[via BoingBoing]