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Baby Yoda Bounty Hunter Figure: The Force Is Strong with This One

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 31, 2021

Inspired by the Beskar armor worn by Boba Fett and other Mandalorians, artist Sean Viloria created this custom 1/2-scale ‘Grogu Fett’ figure decked out in bounty hunter gear, clearly ready to bring a target in warm, or cold. The figure measures approximately 18″ tall and comes complete with a helmet that covers his pointy ears, and a tank of frog eggs on his back in the event he gets hungry and wants a snack.

Grogu Fett was handmade by Sean using clay, vintage toy parts, fabric, leather, and acrylic paint. His accessories include a lightsaber bow with Beskar arrows, spear and blaster, cape and cloak, lightsaber hilts from fallen enemies, mythosaur buckle, mudhorn signet on his shoulder, and the LED-lit egg chamber on his back. Impressive work!

Grogu really did make those frog eggs look good, didn’t he? I’ve never had frog eggs before. Or frog legs. I guess I’m not too experienced in the amphibian culinary arts. Or reptilian. Although one time when I was a kid my dad told me and my brother he was grilling rattlesnake until we refused to eat it, then he admitted they were just steak kabobs. Talk about trust issues.

[via GeeksAreSexy via Nerdist]