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These Fuzzy Cartoon and Video Game Character Helmet Covers Are Born to Be Wild

 |  |  |  |  |  November 3, 2021

By hite

Riding a motorcycle: part of the whole image is looking cool. And what’s cooler than a fuzzy Pikachu or Yoda head helmet cover? I can’t think of anything. Granted I don’t ride a motorcycle because I never learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels, but balance is a tricky thing.

Available from Etsy shop FunnyHelmetCovers, these fuzzy faces are available in a variety of characters from cartoons and video games and range in price from $48 to $70 depending on the complexity of the design. I want one that makes me look like Donkey Kong so it makes sense when I throw barrels at tailgaters.

I’m personally tempted to buy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo design, and I don’t even own a motorcycle helmet. Although – I do have an unusually large head. My wife likes to joke me about it, but I tell her it’s so big because there’s so much brain in there. Then we both have a good laugh knowing just how untrue that really is.