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Modder Packs Playable Doom Game Into Pregnancy Test

 |  |  |  |  November 9, 2021

By hite

For those of you unaware, there’s an ongoing challenge in the computing and gaming community to get Doom to run on less and less sophisticated hardware, pushing the limits of what was ever thought possible. In the near future, someone will hack an abacus to run the game. But until then, we have this ‘playable’ version of Doom that modder foone managed to pack into a pregnancy test stick. It’s positive!

The game isn’t running on the pregnancy test’s actual hardware (foone says its hardware wasn’t reprogrammable) or original LCD screen (which could only display four pregnancy-related symbols), but rather a new microcontroller and a 128-by-32-pixel monochrome display. Of course, saying you can actually play Doom on the device is being pretty lenient with the wordplay because the entire video, I thought I was watching the moon landing.

Obviously, if you pack Doom into a stick pregnancy test and don’t take the opportunity to convince your wife or girlfriend that you’re pregnant and expecting a horde of demons, congratulations, you’ve clearly missed the point of this whole mod.

[via PCMag]