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T-Rex Eating Gnomes Garden Sculpture: Jurassic Yard

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | November 26, 2021

Garden gnomes: they live hard lives. They constantly have to be on the lookout for hungry cats and other wild animals. Apparently including dinosaurs, as is the case with this t-rex eating garden gnomes sculpture made by SOWSUN and available on Amazon (affiliate link). I can already see all my existing gnomes scrambling in terror.

Each resin statue is hand-painted with UV-resistant paint to prevent fading and measures approximately 14″H x 10″L x 6″W. Am I going to buy a whole army of them? I mean, it’s kind of hard not to know that the idea is in my head. Hey honey – I’m just going to borrow your credit card for a minute, okay?

Which gnome is your favorite? I like the one that’s being trampled underfoot. I also like the one in the t-rex’s jaws with his eyes closed, already resigned to a painful, crushing death. Clearly, that gnome didn’t grow up with a cartoon frog-choking-the-stork-that’s-eating-it ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ poster in his bedroom.

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